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Our region is located in the south-eastern part of Chiapas and it is about 10.000 km2 large and borders in the south and in the east Guatemala, in the west with the valley of the river Jataté and the gorges of the Ocosingo in the north.

According to anthropologists and historians, the ancestors of today's Mayan Lacandons withdrew from the Yucatán Peninsula into the impenetrable jungles of Chiapas in the final phase of the Spanish conquest. 

Out of their hiding places deep in the caves they continued their resistance against the European conquest. This resistance to repression and external control has continued to this day.

For the Lacandons, their caves are portals to other worlds through which they entered the wonder world of the Lacandon Jungle. Here you can also learn to look at the world through the eyes of the jungle.

The Lacandons rededicated the sacred places in the destroyed cities of Classicism and they learned to build gardens in the jungle that gave them all the food and medicine they would ever need. The lakes, caves and waterfalls have become their sacred sites and the jungle with its secrets is their largest cathedral. 

The climate in the jungle is warm and humid,with an average temperature of more than 22°C.

You can expect a rich fauna with high biodiversity and many endemic species. Endangered species such as the jaguar still live here.